How to become a nurse anesthetist?

how to become a nurse anesthetist

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Have you ever wondered how to become a nurse anesthetist? Maybe you are a nurse that is looking for a new career path or someone who has just graduated and you are looking at your different options.

Lets have a quick look at what a nurse anesthetist is, their job duties and the qualifications that they need.

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) is in fact an RN that will supply anesthesia that is required during surgery, during childbirth and all other areas of healthcare where anesthesia may be needed.

When looking at how to become a nurse anesthetist you need to consider that you will first need to qualify as an RN after completing an accredited 4-year bachelor degree.

Then, further study is required to become certified in anesthesiology.

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Nurse Anesthetist Duties

  • Provides anesthetic services for medical procedures.
  • Patient assessment prior to all medical procedures.
  • Administers the anesthetic throughout the procedures whilst monitoring consciousness and vital signs.
  • Postoperative observation to ensure that the patient does no experience adverse affects from the anesthetic.

Qualifications and Training

  • Years bachelors’ degree of nursing.
  • An RN license that is current.
  • Complete a Nurse Anesthesiology graduate program.
  • Worked for more than 12 months within a critical care or acute resource.
  • Have passed the CRNA certification examination.

In addition:

  • You cannot be engaging in any form of substance abuse or have an addiction.
  • You cannot have been convicted of any type of felony.
  • You cannot have been implicated in a case of ethical infringements or malpractice.

With the average salary of a nurse anesthetist being around the $80,000 mark

maybe the question is not how to become a nurse anesthetist but when.

It is a challenging and rewarding career that looks after you while you look after others.


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